Kids Care Pediatric Center
October 7, 2020

Community Health and Wellness Center of Miami

July 2016

Brand identity

Social media management

Web development

First steps

CHWCM (Community Health and Wellness Center of Miami) seeking to establish a strong brand identity, hired our marketing agency to assist with brand development. Through extensive research, we developed a brand strategy that showcased CHWCM's unique value for the services they offer the community. We created a visual identity with a logo, color palette, and brand guidelines, and developed messaging consistent with their brand personality. 


Our team created marketing materials, including a website, social media profiles, and advertising campaigns. The result is a successful brand that saw an increase in brand awareness and customer engagement, solidifying CHWCM's position as a respected name in their industry.


The CHWCM logo was established, along side its founders, for the purpose of brand recognition, to build trust with patients, and differentiate itself from competitors.


Brand guidelines are created for providing clear guidelines on logo usage, typography, color palette, imagery, and messaging, companies can maintain a consistent and cohesive brand image,


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